Order my steps in your word and let no inequity have power over me

Psalms 119:133

You may be a brand new Christian or you may just be new to the realization that most of your issues with your faith come from a problem surrendering to an authority. Either way, we have some work to do. If you are a type A, control freak, the fact that we have to put in some work should excite you. It means you actually have a role to play in this whole thing.

It’s a common misconception that once you’ve committed yourself to a faith, that you are supposed to believe that everything is out of your control and you’re now just at the mercy of a mystical deity. This is not even a little bit true and there’s plenty of evidence in the bible to refute this misconception. There are numerous passages in the bible in which God or Jesus requires that a person who is expecting a miracle actually participate in their miracle.

My favorite example is that of the Israelites crossing the Jordan river (Joshua 3). To sum up the story, the Israelites were freed from slavery and had been through all kinds of crazy stuff. At this point, they are wandering around in the wilderness and they come to the Jordan river. They needed to get across it but it was too deep and too dangerous to just walk through it. Nobody had enough boats for all those people, so Joshua, their new leader since Moses had died, asked God to make crossing the Jordan possible for them. Keep in mind, this isn’t the first time they’ve had to cross a body of water, they had been there and done that at the Red Sea back in Exodus. But God didn’t just roll the water back for them this time. Instead, they had to participate in their miracle. God’s words to them, as written in the bible, were “When you reach the edge of the Jordan’s river, go stand in the water.” No explanation or anything. But he gave them a task, they had to get their things together and be prepared to move and then just go stand in the water. No telling what God was going to do.

Long story short, once their feet touched the water, it stopped flowing and became safe for them to cross. But the blessing for us control freaks is not even in the actual miracle. It’s in the fact that though the river was out of their control, their ability to receive their miracle was totally up to them. They had to get prepared, to pack up their things in anticipation that God was going to work it out for them, to PLAN. Thats our favorite thing right? Essentially, God told them to plan to receive their blessing and then take literal steps toward it.

This story, among the many others in the bible, are proof that God is only seeking to have a working partnership with you. Yes, God has authority because God is most powerful, but he’s not looking to exert full power over you using force to subtract your agency. We may not be in full control but we are in partnership with God to reach our Goals. You have part to play. Ask God to guide you, but you have to actually MOVE.

The opening verse is our prayer for our daily lives.

Pray this with me:

Dear God,

Give me the vision you have for me, the passion to press forward and the strength to see it to the end. Let every step I take be closer to you.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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