I’m Imani.

I’m a (late) twenty-something who is still figuring it out. By “it” I mean all of it. Life, love, health, career, purpose etc etc etc and I’m trying to root it all in faith. The crazy part is , I’m also a control freak. I like things the way I like them and any time they aren’t the way I like them, I’m near anxiety attack. Even crazier than that, I JUST realized this about myself because up until about 2012 my plans have pretty much gone uninterrupted. From 2012 until now I’ve been on a journey to revise and re envision my life according to my purpose within the body of Christ and I know that a huge step in this process is sharing this journey with others.

This blog will be hard for me. Truthfully I’ve been putting it off because of how difficult it will be to share my highs and lows with total strangers. It will be even more difficult to share without being able to control how my vulnerability is received. I can’t control readers’ reactions and perceptions and as a person with a career in controlling perceptions, that is absolutely terrifying. What’s even more terrifying is knowing with every fiber of my being that God is trying to do a good thing with my life and never being obedient enough to reach my full potential.

So here I am. Sharing. Over sharing. Committing.

Praying that my vulnerability blesses someone.

These posts will not always be formally written. Sometimes they will be in narrative form. Other times they will include my free flowing thoughts. They won’t always be properly punctuated. But they will be original and authentic.

This blog is my voice while I navigate God’s plan.




2 thoughts on “Confessions of…

  1. Glad you are stepping out on faith and sharing your thoughts with us…it takes a lot to share your personal experiences with whatever it may be that you share…Im kind of in that rim myself and glad I’m not alone 😏…but hey shine on anyways and thank you! ❤

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing and being so transparent! I’ve read all 3 posts so far and can truly relate! Looking forward to reading more! God bless and continue to let Him use you!!

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