This is for the control freaks.

But not just any control freak, the one who has also committed his or her life to a higher power. The control freak who says, “Jesus, my life is yours” and has to fight not to add “but.” We believe that if we want things done correctly, we should do them ourselves but often have trouble grasping the fact there are things outside of our control. We would die before we ask another person for help but have committed to trusting someone we cannot see.

This is for the Type A Christians

This is a safe place to affirm your right to a certain level of control while emphasizing a responsibility to operate in prayerful preparation. This is to reassure you of the promises of God’s word that if we cast our cares, our plans, our impossible need for perfection on God, God is faithful to see us through in accordance with God’s will. This is for the Christian Control Freak. You are not alone.